Kenneth Baker reviews Katina Huston’s exhibition “Field of Vision” San Francisco Chronicle

Huston, wheels up

March 2008

by Kenneth Baker

Bay Area artist Katina Huston has gotten a lot of artistic mileage out of drawings based on shadows cast by bicycle wheels, an image with surprisingly rich associations.

Her recent work at Dolby Chadwick, in an exhibition that ends today, shows her at the end of that road, beginning to turn in a new direction.

It takes a moment to recognize the indexical subject of "Light and Crystals" (2008) as a chandelier. The streetward orientation of Huston's earlier pieces encourages us to see the image at first as a rubbing of a passage in the pavement, maybe a manhole cover. As in earlier work, her technique of flooding mylar with ink yields imagery that looks richly abstract inch by inch.

Another body of new work, involving a kind of flocking, does not convince me yet, but it already stirs curiosity about her next show.