Kenneth Baker lists Sherie’ Franssen in Top 5 Art Picks for 2008 in San Francisco Chronicle

Kenneth Baker's top 5 art picks for 2008

January 2009

by Kenneth Baker

Best new work of art, period

All right, not even I believe this apples-over-oranges category makes sense. But I have a candidate, and it remains on view (through Jan. 31): Sherié Franssen's painting "Group in Sea" (2008), which appears in her exhibition at Dolby Chadwick in San Francisco.

Anyone who makes anything - especially a static object - knows the difficulty of making all its parts come to life without turning to mere fizz, aesthetic or otherwise. Franssen has this peculiar athleticism - not unfailingly, as her show demonstrates - but often enough to make her work unforgettable. "Group in Sea" displays it in full force.