Bay Area reporter covers Charley Brown's recent show

March 2019

The Bay Area Reporter
by Roberto Friedman

Daniel Detorie wrote in with a gallery tip. "Went to the opening of the Charley Brown show at Dolby Chadwick last night.

"Charley Brown died in November, and Lisa Dolby Chadwick did this last show of his amazing minimalist works. He went to school at Humboldt with [artist] Martin Wong. He did the murals for the gay and lesbian room at the Main San Francisco Library and the murals over the entry to the Monadnock Building on Market Street (with Harvey Milk in the clouds). When not doing murals and finishes for rich clients around the world with his life/business partner Mark Evans (Evans & Brown), he also painted beautiful large abstracts. One is in the collection of the Crocker Art Museum [in Sacramento], and one is in the collection of Berkeley Art Museum.

"If you find yourself downtown in the next few weeks, go by Dolby Chadwick Gallery, 210 Post St., #205. You won't be disappointed."