Widewalls on Jenifer Kent's show at Dolby Chadwick Gallery

Enter the Hyperspace with Jenifer Kent

July 2015


Amy Lin

Dolby Chadwick gallery in San Francisco. The inspiration for Hyperspace exhibition is found in wide range of sources including biological structures, scientific drawings and sculptures made by some of the most acclaimed contemporary artists. Artworks that will be displayed at Dolby Chadwick galleryare a reference to the modern hyper-technological, constantly accelerating world but also a personal oasis for the artist. The highly detailed minimalist paintings are the only place where Jenifer Kent is able to stop the rush and slow down the world around her.


  1. Dolby Chadwick Gallery , San Francisco
    Dolby Chadwick Gallery , San Francisco

    Jenifer Kent – Point, 2015


    Minimalism by Jenifer Kent

    Jenifer Kent’s works are rooted in Minimalistic tradition but she also combines elements of Conceptualism and Expressionism in her paintings. The artist articulates vast three-dimensional space in multiple unexpected manners. The illusion of third dimension makes Jenifer Kent’s works gain a sculptural form and the artist often turns to the works of famous Contemporary sculptors such as Ruth Asawa and Eva Hesse for inspiration. Hyperspace artworks consist of numerous black dashes meticulously painted on white clayboards. The black ink markings explode from the central core of her works that sometimes encompass several sources of energy. Jenifer Kent’s propensity to monochromy, precision and methodicalness embodied in her paintings, often affiliate them with the abstract works of Agnes Martin.

    Dolby Chadwick Gallery , San Francisco
    Dolby Chadwick Gallery , San Francisco

    Left : Jenifer Kent – Jet, 2015 / Right : Jenifer Kent – Plate 8, 2015

    The Evolution of Hyperspace

    Hyperspace series consists of artworks that are highly expressive and resemble organic structures but also go beyond such references into a network of fantastic realms. The evolution of Jenifer Kent‘s works created in the period of several years is noticeable. While earlier paintings are marked with continuous solid form, her later works are characterized by the presence of pause-time. This pause is embodied with the portrayal of empty space that disrupts the centrifugal motif of the paintings. This blank space communicates well with the rest of the composition. The countless lines move back and forth between perimeters of the form but disappear every time they bump into the vacuum of empty space. The passage of time and space in Jenifer Kent’s imagery are portrayed through the rigorous repetitive micro and macro processes occurring in the Hyperspace.

    Jenifer Kent - Hyperspace, 2015
    Jenifer Kent - Hyperspace, 2015

    Jenifer Kent – Hyperspace, 2015

    Hyperspace at Dolby Chadwick Gallery

    New body of work by Jenifer Kent will be on display starting from July 9th at Dolby Chadwick gallery in San Francisco. Hyperspace exhibition will gather works created during several years presenting the evolution of artist’s style throughout this time. The exhibition will be unavailable during Dolby Chadwick gallery’s summer break scheduled between August 9th and August 17th, 2015. However, Hyperspace exhibition will continue after the break and will run through August 29th.