Sherie' Franssen I What Good is this Love, 2015

Lightning Strikes: 18 poets. 18 artists.
December 12, 2015 — January 30, 2016

San Francisco literary luminaries such as Bill Berkson, Peter Coyote, Jack Hirschman, Robert Hass, Brenda Hillman, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Devorah Major to recite at the opening – among others. (all of the participating poets listed below will attend and read with the exception of: Richard Blanco, Billy Collins, Gary Snyder and David Whyte) Entrance to opening reception by RESERVATION ONLY. 100% of the proceeds from ticket sales to benefit the MFA in Literary Arts scholarship program at St. Mary’s college. Each ticket holder receives a copy of ‘Lightning Strikes’.… read more

Still Life with Modigliani #11, 2015

Guy Diehl

A Dialogue with Tradition II
November 5 — December 5, 2015

Dolby Chadwick Gallery is pleased to announce A Dialogue with Tradition II, an exhibition of new works by Bay Area painter Guy Diehl, on view November 5–December 5, 2015. Over the past thirty years, Diehl has explored the still-life format to make art about art, finding new and nuanced modes of execution to illuminate ways of both seeing art and appreciating the art historical canon.… read more

J.W.I. Twice, 2014

Alex Kanevsky

Unstable Equilibrium
October 1 — 31, 2015

All of Kanevsky’s paintings—even those that depict interior scenes—appear to have been painted en plein air. Regardless of setting, an intoxicating roar of air rips through each work. Here, heady gusts loosen the brushwork and move the forms around, opening them up and allowing gestures, colors, and shapes to pass through newly awakened fissures. As a result, these super-saturated compositions practically pulsate.… read more

Sadakichi's Docks, Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan, 2012

Michael Kenna

Forms of Japan
September 3 — 26, 2015

Dolby Chadwick Gallery will be hosting our first solo exhibition with photographer Michael Kenna… read more

Hyperspace, 2015

Jenifer Kent

July 9 — August 29, 2015

Dolby Chadwick Gallery is honored to announce an exhibition of new works by the artist Jenifer Kent, scheduled to open in the summer of 2015. Kent draws on a wide range of inspiration for her works, which creatively merge aspects of Minimalism, Conceptualism, and Expressionism. The myriad small markings she makes in black ink on white clayboard coalesce into forms reminiscent of organic and biological phenomena—such as the fractal geometry of leaves, rivers, and snowflakes; the exponential symmetry of splitting cells; the perfect synchronicity of a flock of starlings. But they also move well beyond these references. They cull from scientific drawings, 1950s rapidograph illustration, the almost infinitesimal textural variances in master etchings, the mirrored unfolding of interrelated micro and macro processes. They render the invisible visible, articulating three-dimensional space in unexpected, meditative ways and revealing the passage of time through the evidence of their exacting, iterative process.… read more

ATLAAS, 2015

James Kennedy

July 9 — August 29, 2015

Dolby Chadwick Gallery is pleased to announce “C O N T I N U U M,” an exhibition of new work by New York–based artist James Kennedy. Kennedy’s abstract paintings feature intricate, completely knitted surfaces that rely structurally on a buoyant tension of line, form, texture, and tonality. Working on eucalyptus masonite, which Kennedy describes as “drinking up the medium beautifully,” the artist builds up his signature layers of dilution, taping off areas before adding further layers of dilution and creating incisions that produce not only texture but dynamic lines for the eye to follow. “I have to solve an equation in my compositions,” Kennedy explains, “it’s very much about the line. As I work, I connect—from one line to another and from one gesture to another. Everything can change with just one incision.”… read more

Circle Dream 48, 2014

Mayme Kratz

Lost Light
June 4 — July 3, 2015

Dolby Chadwick Gallery is pleased to announce Lost Light, featuring the work of Phoenix-based artist Mayme Kratz, on view from June 4—July 3, 2015. Kratz will present wall-mounted works in resin on panel, as well as freestanding resin sculpture, in her first exhibition with the gallery. The title is drawn from Rebecca Solnit's book, A Field Guide to Getting Lost, poetic thoughts about the evocative potential of disassociation from the familiar. Solnit writes, "The world is blue at its edges and in its depths. This blue is the light that got lost." Kratz finds inspiration in the parched and desolate expanses of the Arizona desert, in lonely stretches of sand and the kind of hardy vegetation and animal life that can thrive there, “cactus and creosote bush…scruffy and wild” says the artist. Her regular wanderings yield artifacts that she notices and collects along the way—seeds, bits of plants, deer bones—or even a snake that met an untimely encounter with a car. Overlooked, and certainly left, by most, for Kratz these hold the key to an intimate world of the ephemeral components of life.… read more

Ampeli, 2015

Barbara Vaughn

On the Surface
May 7 — 30, 2015

Dolby Chadwick Gallery is pleased to announce “On the Surface,” an exhibition of new photographs by Barbara Vaughn. Over the past several years, Vaughn has travelled the world, deftly capturing the surface reflections on different bodies of water and, in the process, exploring the parameters of vision and cognition. By zooming in on her subject matter, Vaughn excises any contextualizing visual information that might allow viewers to easily identify the imagery. This decision to root her abstract photographs in the natural world—an ostensibly solid, familiar, even immutable realm—allows the artist to cleverly transform reality, exposing its chimerical possibilities and unexpected underpinnings. Vaughn’s approach also allows her to freely experiment with and tune into pattern and shape, and color and hue, which shift dramatically depending on the waters’ relative movement and form the heart of her photographs… read more

Chart with 11 Whites, 2014

Jaq Chartier

A Fever in Matter
April 2 — May 2, 2015

Chartier’s paintings—matter, vitalized—are the result, not of romantic or expressionist ecstasy, but orderly, almost scientific investigations into the properties of color. In this sense, they continue the color-optics explorations of Josef Albers’ famous Homage to the Square oil paintings on panel, compositionally simple yet radiant works composed of three or four squares, variously colored and unmodulated, with their overlapping arrangements implying portals and corridors seen in perspective.… read more

After Bernini: Charity, 2013

Ann Weber

Ann Weber
March 5 — 28, 2015

Dolby Chadwick Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by Ann Weber. Weber has drawn praise for her ability to commute the everyday into the extraordinary, utilizing found cardboard to create poignant, sensuous, and often anthropomorphic forms.… read more

Came the abruptness of fiery dawn, 2014

Matt Gonzalez

Dérive: Situationist Encounter in San Francisco
March 5 — 28, 2015

Gonzalez’s work is collage-based, utilizing bits of discarded paper products—from advertisements to cardboard containers—that he finds while walking around the city. Most of his compositions feature a highly layered, rectilinear aesthetic that recalls the gridded city streets he traverses and architectural matrixes he passes through. Recent works tend to focus on a single hue, such as red or blue, allowing Gonzalez to explore the nuances of a given color’s range—which is amplified when a work draws on an extensive array of sources—and attend more closely to a work’s sculptural and formal elements.… read more

Landscape 7, 2014

Vanessa Marsh

Everywhere All at Once
February 5 — 28, 2015

Dolby Chadwick Gallery is pleased to announce “Everywhere All at Once,” an exhibition of work by Bay Area–artist Vanessa Marsh. This presentation will feature, among other works, a new series of landscapes distinguished as much by their pared-down, graphic aesthetic—which she achieves by harnessing photogramic techniques—as they are by their mysterious, dream-like moods. In some works, space is articulated by layering multiple two-dimensional planes, or what Marsh likens to independent, freely-moving tectonic plates. For example, the silhouettes of a palm tree and electrical wires and poles in the foreground of Landscape #5 are articulated in opaque black, while modern-day windmills lining the hills in the background comprise a second layer that is rendered in a lighter grey. Other landscapes dramatically collapse depth by utilizing a single plane, such as Landscape #7, which depicts crisscrossing strands of pennant flags at close range. All of the landscapes in this series—also titled “Everywhere All at Once”—are set against the same vast night sky, punctuated by stars whose diffuse light makes them appear to almost glow.… read more