Hello, Goodbye
December 12, 2013 — February 1, 2014

Dolby Chadwick Gallery is pleased to announce Hello/Goodbye, a group exhibition featuring art by Stephen De Staebler, John DiPaolo, Edwige Fouvry, Ann Gale, Hollis Heichemer, Shelley Hoyt, Katina Huston, Alex Kanevsky, Jerome Lagarrigue, Danae Mattes, Joshua Meyer, Ada Sadler, and Kai Samuels-Davis.… read more

Wingspan (detail), 2013

Joshua Meyer

Rustle, Sparkle, Flutter, Float
November 6 — December 7, 2013

Dolby Chadwick Gallery is pleased to announce Rustle, Sparkle, Flutter, Float, an exhibition of new work by Joshua Meyer, on view November 7–December 7, 2013. Although Meyer paints from reality, his paintings thwart the notion that there can be any such thing as objective reality. Instead, the figures and forms he chooses reveal the world as filtered through the complex network of thoughts, feelings, experiences, and impressions that constitute his singular vantage point. Reflecting on Giorgio Morandi, Meyer sheds light on his own practice: “he paints only from reality and only about reality, yet it always seems obvious that he doesn’t trust the facts. And yet his job is to show us the world as he sees it. Art is what we measure ourselves against.”… read more

Accrued Accompaniment, 2013

Hunt Rettig

Cracked & Absorbed
October 1 — November 2, 2013

In 2000, Hunt Rettig had a dream about a work of art that changed his life. Despite not having made art since he was a child, Rettig recognized the artwork as his own and felt immediately compelled to recreate his vision.… read more

Still Life with Bill Traylor, 2012

Guy Diehl

A Dialogue with Tradition
September 5 — 28, 2013

Dolby Chadwick Gallery is pleased to announce “A Dialogue with Tradition,” an exhibition of new paintings by Guy Diehl, on view September 5–28, 2013. With this exhibition, Diehl continues to explore the innumerable dimensions and possibilities of the still life, his subject of inquiry for the last three decades. This long-term investigation has yielded a rich and nuanced range of results that have, in turn, culminated in a singular understanding of realism. It has also solidified his confidence in his own artistic intuition. Diehl explains that, unlike his younger self, he now trusts in the natural evolution of his practice and the tendency for one inspiration to precipitate another.… read more

June 28th #1, 2013

Charley Brown

July 6 — August 31, 2013

Divergence, an exhibition of new paintings by Charley Brown, will open at the Dolby Chadwick Gallery on Thursday, July 11th, 2013. This body of work marks an important turning point for the San Francisco-based artist, who has been a figurative painter his entire life. Desiring the challenges and stimulation of a new aesthetic, Brown recently turned to abstraction as a way of breaking down illusory space into its essential elements. This dismantling and exploration of compound forms has been a slow, cautious project for Brown.… read more

Carmen Electra, 2012

Gonzalo Fuenmayor

They Say I Came Back Americanized
July 6 — August 31, 2013

Born in Colombia but a resident of the United States since 1998, Gonzalo Fuenmayor’s remarkably precise charcoal drawings explore themes of cultural hybridity, identity politics, and acculturation. As a Colombian artist living abroad, Fuenmayor once felt he had a responsibility to make art that commented on the social events happening back at home. Feeling too detached from the drugs and violence that he was expected to engage, Fuenmayor started drawing bananas instead. Bananas carry great cultural, historical, and economic significance in Colombia, and have even been tacitly embroiled in controversy if one considers the various Chiquita Brands International scandals. What initially began as a lighthearted attempt to self-exoticize and position himself as specifically “Colombian” has since evolved into an earnest exploration of cultural hybridity and transnational identity.… read more

Water Logic, 2012

Ian Kimmerly

Continuous Wave
June 5 — July 6, 2013

Dolby Chadwick Gallery is pleased to announce Continuous Wave, an exhibition of new paintings by Ian Kimmerly. Kimmerly boldly embraces the disparate by integrating various styles and techniques into each painting. Softly blurred photorealistic figures slip between abstract gestures while gleaming, thickly impastoed streaks of paint are counterbalanced by bright, geometric pops of color.… read more

Infisso, 2012

Barbara Vaughn

May 2 — June 1, 2013

Vaughn’s vibrant, large-scale photographs use the natural world to explore abstraction and the visual and cognitive phenomena of perspective. Through her unique approach, Vaughn is able to create images that appear almost wholly disconnected from her original subject matter—mainly the protected harbors of the Aegean, the Adriatic, and the East Coast.… read more

Hanging Out, 2012

April 4 — 27, 2013

Unlike his previous exhibitions, which focused almost exclusively on architecture, Dialogues will present a mixture of paintings featuring both buildings and figures. Bhujbal paints people much in the same way he paints houses, apartment buildings, factories, storefronts, and streets: he repeatedly layers simple, largely rectilinear forms in brilliant colors to achieve representations that are at once highly essentialized and extraordinarily nuanced. Within Bhujbal’s matrices of tightly interlocking shapes, glimpses of vibrant undercolors, unhampered drips of paint, windows that obscure views in, and abstracted facial features all work to suggest something more complex and enigmatic.… read more

A Longing Grows or As Water Works at Rock, 2012

Robert Kingston

March 7 — 30, 2013

Robert Kingston skillfully uses abstract visual cues to evoke shifting landscapes and dreamscapes upon which viewers can project their own meanings and mythologies. Kingston’s arrival at these “scapes” is appropriately rooted in what he describes as “meandering journeys” that start with an initial, random mark. “I look at my work as the piling on of mistakes and hesitations,” Kingston explains, “many artists are plagued by doubt, but I’ve learned to use mistakes and doubt as a source of power. For me, the more mistakes the better.” The final paintings are a testament to these journeys of contemplation and discovery. Born of abundant layers of markings and gestures—as well as frequent erasure— Kingston’s lyrical paintings present highly complex, fully resolved spaces.… read more

Four Doors, 2012

Alex Kanevsky

The Fox and the Hedgehog
February 7 — March 2, 2013

“The Fox and the Hedgehog,” is an allusion to the aphorism “the fox knows many little things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing,” commonly attributed to the Greek poet Archilochus. Though its precise meaning is largely disputed, this cryptic line gains traction in the context of Kanevsky’s art, which allows the viewer to see the world through the eyes of both the fox and the hedgehog.… read more