Draw, 1999 I Aquatint, Engraving and Burnishing I 16 x 12 inches

David Kelso

Made in California Press
December 2, 2004 — January 22, 2005

Intaglio Editions from Made in California Press December 2, 2004– January 22, 2005… read more

New Paintings and Monotypes by Betty Merken
November 7 — 27, 2004

Betty Merken’s new large-scale paintings and monotypes on exhibit at the Dolby Chadwick Gallery in November radiate a virtuoso mastery of color and scale. Some of the monotypes measure over six feet tall, and carry the authority of paintings. They are powerful images, and yet they convey a sense of intimacy through the residual mark and painterly traces of her hand. The marks, the brushwork, the drips, and the surfaces the viewer experiences in these works are Merken’s attempts to "paint the paint", a term by which Robert Ryman has defined his working process. This is one of those shows that inspires one to paint.… read more

Reckless Dreamers II, 2004

Gary Ruddell

Reckless Dreamers
October 1 — 30, 2004

October 7-30, 2004… read more

Linda Christensen "She Has the Time"
September 2 — October 2, 2004

Known for her prolific, expressive figurative painting, Linda Christensen imbues her work with a grand sense of freedom and spontaneity. Her fluid brushstrokes dance with a palette of lush, liberating colors bringing the figurative form to life. Christensen's current exhibition, "She Has the Time", continues to lend itself to abstract figuratism, with the inspiration coming from the female figure. She is studied carefully- the turn of a head or the tilt of a shoulder. Christensen strives to capture that specific moment at which her subject lets her guard down and reveals her private self. She looks for that sacred moment when pretenses are shed and the "non public face" makes an appearance. Grids are present in every painting, such as a ladderback chair or a horizon line. Such structured forms contrast greatly with the curvy, organic forms of her subject, yet they also provide compositional security for the artist, allowing her to explore the vulnerability of the figure. Regardless of the scrutiny, Christensen's figures emerge confident and self-assured even in their most private relaxed moments.… read more

Rob Douglas "Veils of Repetition"
June 3 — 26, 2004

Veils of Repetition is the recent body of work from Robbie Douglas inspired by rich native New Mexico roots and the complex and often chaotic influences of the inner urban atmosphere. For the second consecutive year, Douglas works for many months in the stillness of the simple desert environment in Sante Fe, New Mexico. It is here that he is reminded constantly of large, vast open spaces and solitude. Rich colors, mostly of umbers and earthtones, reflect the natural landscape. Long hikes and drives in the desert set the mental stage. It is from this stillness that the paintings are born. Veils of Repetition is a quiet and deep exploration of the self, the complex layers of the inner psyche, the accumulation in the core belief system, and all our perceptions of the world outside. In these works Douglas continues to unshield unconscious markings that occur deep down in the painting. These markings are archetypal and not always explained, yet are significant. It is a shrouding process, likened to white washing. They are cloaked touchstones in the mind. Robbie has placed his attention in this recent body of work on the complexity of veils and the apparent accidental way these obscure shapes and forms reflect the rich woven texture of life. They are delicate and quiet yet extremely complex. Douglas reflects on the nature of the mind and how complex perceptions blur vision. He reveals the nature of what influences his mind. What seems obvious is not; what is unburied is accidental and entirely subconscious. In these paintings he seeks the divine.… read more

Gregg Chadwick "Speed of Life"
May 6 — 29, 2004

The title "Speed of Life" makes reference to the incredible pace of contemporary life as well as the brevity of our lives. In past centuries time and distance acted as a filter against change and influence. In our era trends and events in Tokyo or Baghdad impact quickly and forcefully. The blur of movement and the fading into light found in the current paintings reminds us of the fragility of modern life in the face of social and technological change. As individuals our time is short. The paintings in "Speed of Life" call us to let go of the individual ego and reflect on the nature of time.… read more

Abraham Elterman
April 1 — May 1, 2004

Abraham Elterman’s paintings inhabit a world defined by ambiguity: they evoke the figurative yet remain abstract; they consist of organic forms yet they are arranged into artificially conceived structures; they insist in the physicality of the forms yet suggest the magical. Their power lies in how dangerously close the images get to ‘real’ things while remaining elusive; the resulting paintings are pregnant in evocative familiarity that defies precise definition. As the shapes agglomerate into structures, they glow, float, reflect, vie for space, push and cajole and cuddle among each other. While the separate shapes speak of individuality the composites speak of contact, of gentle prodding, of sensual touching. Thus individuality, boundaries and interaction emerge as the central themes of these paintings. The viewer of these works may find himself/herself between trying to decipher the identity of the forms and accepting them for whatever they are and engaging in the internal logic of the work. Difficult to categorize, the paintings are bold and enigmatic. The simplicity of the compositions, the modeling of the forms, the sensitivity of the shapes, the color harmonies, all contribute to an elegant and convincing presence.… read more

Jeffrey Beauchamp "How About Sub-Pastoral Expressionism"
March 4 — 27, 2004

As an artist, Jeffrey attempts to postpone certain aspects of growing up in the name of staying creative: while painting, for instance, a disciplined daydreaming, takes the form of squinting into the painted distance, "magic eye" style, and exploring the possibilities of depth and visual adventure inside. Although painting epic skyscapes and terrain, Beauchamp attempts to re-cultivate his child-like spirit, and in doing so, he leaves the traditional landscape behind. Layers of suggestive brush and knife work emerge slowly from the stormy surfaces. It is this balance between the paint itself and deep illusionary space that is precarious in these paintings and make for a provocative and exciting exhibit. Beauchamp avoids any over-resolving and easily digested landscape cliches. The resulting paintings have a new vigor and charm that hold up under long scrutiny.… read more

John DiPaolo

Recent Paintings
February 5 — 28, 2004

It is with faith and confidence that John Di Paolo has built his latest body of monumental paintings. His paintings are not forwardly cerebral. The execution of pushing paint on canvas proceeds his conscious contextual ideas. For John, it is never about tracking out a composition. Things really start to happen when he has the guts to paint out elements that show potential. It is this unknown that keeps him excited. Di Paolo continues to create a weightless suspension of massive organic forms; thick surfaces coupled with thin veils of paint. The two approaches combine and offer the viewer an intensified sense of space, light, and movement. Most importantly, these new paintings present originality, an element rarely seen in contemporary abstraction. Those interested in explosive and confident paintings will find themselves intrigued by Di Paolo’s energetic and provocative work.… read more