Patrick LoCicero "Travels"
December 4, 2003 — January 17, 2004

By working with collage material on paper and cigar boxes, Patrick LoCicero's iconographic works at Dolby Chadwick Gallery exhibit the notion of travel in all realms, whether this be through physical space, memory, or time periods. The narrative of each piece is built carefully through elements weaved through each artwork, some images large scale and central to the theme, others hinted at through the layering of smooth and textured areas. Patrick LoCicero has previously exhibited at museums and galleries all over the United States, including The Achenbach Foundation at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, 
The Dayton Art Museum, and the Seattle Art Museum. LoCicero's work is included in many corporate collections such as Nordstrom, Shaklee Headquarters, and 
The San Francisco International Airport, as well as hundreds of private collectors.… read more

Bathtubbie Collection #60, 2003

Ada Sadler

New Paintings
November 6 — 29, 2003

November 6 - 29, 2003… read more

K. B. with Kimono, 2003

Alex Kanevsky

Short Focus
October 2 — November 1, 2003

October 2 - November 1, 2003… read more

Kim Frohsin "Drawings and Paintings on Paper"
September 4 — 27, 2003

Recent works by Kim Frohsin.… read more

Doug Glovaski
July 8 — August 9, 2003

Born in 1951 in Saginaw, Mich., he moved with his parents to the small California town of Los Gatos when he was just seven. He began drawing and painting at the age of nine and continued his studies all the way through high school. After school, Glovaski went into the work force where he remained for many years working at several jobs. At the age of thirty four Glovaski realized that he wanted to be a professional artist. So he set about formulating a plan to achieve that goal. He began producing work whenever he could....usually at night and on weekends, until he had produced a large amount of pieces. Working with art consultants, his first shows were at local restaurants and cafes in the area. Eventually he would make contact with a prominent local gallery owner and launch a career as a professional artist. In 1992 Glovaski met and subsequently worked for prominent New York artist Dorothea Rockburne. He would assist her with five of her large wall painting projects. The experience of being in New York for extended periods of time and seeing the art world up close would profoundly affect Glovaski's sensibilities and was to change the way he thought of his own work forever.… read more

Richard Copeland Miller
June 5 — 29, 2003

All the photographs are in black and white; they are a portrait of a world without color, a world in which east and west are one direction. -Philip Levine Richard Copeland Miller’s first solo exhibition at the Dolby Chadwick Gallery is unfortunately a posthumous one. Richard died suddenly last fall . But he has left us a legacy of ephemeral moments caught by his camera .  The exhibition title,  "Still Lives,"  is one he decided on  just before his death , and is rich with double meaning for his family, the Gallery, and viewers of his photos, for he does live on through his  still life  images  that capture a timeless world of light, nuance and gesture. Richard Copeland Miller’s black and white silver gelatin prints appear as smoky photographic equivalents to Seurat drawings. It is fitting that Richard’s deeply poetic work was relished by the poet Philip Levine who wrote a forward to Passage: Europe, a hardcover monograph on Richard’s photographic work. In a tribute to Richard’s memory Philip Levine has recorded a tape of poems that relate to Richard’s work. This tape will be played at the opening reception on June 5th and by request during gallery hours. This is an important , and not to be repeated,  exhibition by a masterful photographer.… read more

New Drawings by Stephen Namara
March 6 — 29, 2003

Stephen Namara creates monumental figures and still life drawings using dry pigment, conte crayon and watercolor. Despite the limitations of a two-dimensional surface, his figures have a sculptural quality, as if one could wrap a hand over a shoulder or touch the curve of a jaw. Namara creates a physical presence in which figures seem to move and shift within the composition as he deliberately includes faint traces of alternate poses and gestures. Within each composition, Stephen’s figures seem to breathe and vibrate.… read more

Lance Morrison "Warm Shift"
February 6 — 28, 2003

“Northwestern painters still have a palpable respect for the forces of nature and a penchant for a type of mysticism that is often associated with Asian art - but the context has changed. The paintings of Lance Morrison offer examples of this shift.” - Steven Zevitas (January, 2000) Editor and Publisher, New American Paintings Lance Morrison’s new paintings evoke space, volume and presence in a kind of ageless atmosphere where delicacy is also strength. Tiny hummingbirds soar in large canvases bathed in light and atmosphere. While his subject matter can be both romantic and light hearted, his bold use of light, translucent layers and texture make these pieces dramatic and akin to Redon or Rothko.… read more