Recent Paintings by Shelley Hoyt
June 2 — July 2, 2011

Inspired by the 19th century Luministtradition that featured serene landscapes and emphasized a play of light, Hoyt infuses her“wide angle” depictions of San Francisco Bay and the distant hills of Marin or Berkeley –depending on the artist’s vantage point – with a sense of tranquility. An attention to air andatmosphere is central to her process: vast skies dominate much of the composition while lowmantles of fog dematerialize form and impart a tangible coolness. The effect of atmosphericdistance produces soothing blue and violet tones that wash over the composition, dispellingany lingering disquiet. But rather than letting the viewer lose herself in the experience of theexpansive scenery, the piercing repoussoir of sharply articulated tree branches andsilhouetted foliage delivers the viewer back to the immediate moment.

For this show, Hoyt revisits the same vast and ethereal compositions she has gainedrecognition for. A transplant of Montana, Hoyt had been living in the Bay Area for over tenyears when she began painting scenes of the Bay. It was during these sessions, she explains,that “I discovered the spacious and expansive equivalents of Montana’s Big Sky that I solonged for.” In seeking to represent nature – her avowed goal – Hoyt’s attention to thenatural world’s untold breadth has become a unifying element within her work.