Art of Play
December 3, 2009 — January 9, 2010

People tend to forget that play is serious. David Hockney 

In this exhibition, artists examine in diverse ways the concept of play in their subject matter and process. The work in this show ranges from smoke drawings of circus performers by Rob Tarbell to photographs of constructed scenes built from train scale models by Vanessa Marsh.  Oil paintings of iconic objects of play will appear such as Playskool figures (Chris Cosnowski), vintage wind up bath toys (Ada Sadler), cat’s eye marbles (Dan Jackson), paper airplanes (Kim Frohsin) and a cameo by Ken and Barbie (Holly Farrell).  This exhibition brings accomplished artists together to interpret play in many forms.  The work in this show will collectively describe what is at the heart of play and hopes to re-capture the imagination of its’ audience.