Douglas Schneider "Suburban Birthday Party"
May 7 — June 27, 2009

In this latest group of work Schneider uses imagery from 1950’s Americana and from recent natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina. “I use images of suburban America and aging signs from a more innocent time when we were less aware of the impact we were having on the world.” In these paintings Schneider uses the force of the abstract expressionist brush stroke both as an aesthetic and symbolic tool. Schneider’s loose expressionistic brush strokes underlie and overlap photorealistic imagery. Like the path a storm leaves in its wake, the strokes conceal and reveal, wiping out aspects of the imagery and leaving others untouched. 

Aesthetically compelling and rich with hidden meaning, the paintings form unfinished narratives, allowing only a glimpse of the story, and leaving the viewer to fill in the rest. Despite the challenging content of Schneider’s imagery, there remains a sense of hopefulness within the work. “I believe there is a sense of beauty and order in chaos. Even in times of uncertainty and imbalance there is resilience to the human spirit. There is a desire and a need to find joy and have fun. That is the approach I took in these paintings.”