Marius Bosc "Eclat de Lumiere"
April 2 — May 2, 2009

Dolby Chadwick Gallery is please to announce the upcoming exhibition of paintings by Marius Bosc, Éclat de Lumière.  The exhibition will feature figurative and still life works as well as landscapes from the past twenty years. Bosc captures the light and the drama of his subject matter through vibrant swaths of color and with a Post-Impressionist sensibility.

Born in 1940, Marius Bosc has said that he grew up in France in the middle of San Francisco. During that time there were 300 French Hotels in an area that ran from North Beach, along the Embarcadero, up to third and Howard and over into the Tenderloin. Bosc's grandmother ran one of these hotels and he has memories of running up and down it's hallways with the French culture all around him. Of his time in the hotel he remembers one moment most of all. He describes a flash or light, or an éclat de lumière, that appeared to him one day in one of the long dark halls. “I still see the large rectangle of light penetrate the dark, long, high ceiling interior of the hallway. It didn’t illuminate, except for the light filled rectangle. Crossing my shoes, it mounted the other side and went up the wall, bringing out the stained wallpaper. The Maroon, stained walls were revealed to me. It continued toward the ceiling and then in a flash of light it disappeared. In my paintings, I am always reaching back to that moment.”

Bosc’s fascination with light can be seen in his paintings not only in his play with highlight and lowlight but also in the bright colors and energetic paint application. Whether painting figures, flowers or landscapes Bosc captures the true feeling of the space and the mood of his subject matter through his attention to color, light and shadow.

Having shown with Gump's Gallery in the 70’s and 80's Éclat de Lumière will be Bosc's first solo show at Dolby Chadwick Gallery. Bosc's work has gone under the radar for many years and we are thrilled to be showcasing his paintings from the past two decades.