Therese Lahaie "Sensorial Literacy"
February 5 — 28, 2009

In these sculptures light is projected through glass onto slowly moving scrims, casting shadows that expand and contract invoking the fundamental rhythms of heartbeat and breath. Lahaie animates glass, demonstrating its affiliations with light, water and air. Employing an unusual combination of glass, steel, motors and fabric, the visual vocabulary speaks fluently in the language of the sciences, the natural world and contemplative practice. The mesmerizing waves evoke both seascape and landscape in a subtle erotic dance. The pieces invite the viewers to not only look, but to connect with their own rhythms of heartbeat and breath. 

Lahaie has said, “We are always on the verge of the next movement, breath gesture cycle.” Her work captures this sense of anticipation by drawing the viewer in to watch as the mechanical components create each new wave of motion; each rhythmic undulation of breath. Benjamin Genocchio of the New York Times described Lahaie’s Nocturne series by saying, “The combination of motor, glass and light create the illusion of waves ebbing and flowing like the ocean tide…the visual effects are beautiful, even hypnotic.”