Brook Temple "Cross Currents"
July 12 — September 1, 2007

Temple graduated from Yale University where the well-known artist, Joseph Albers, accepted him into  the art program based on his figurative paintings.   Temple says "Albers’ influence was incredible.  I threw out my pre-conceived ideas about what color was and discovered this wonderful dialogue that exists between colors.  Alber’s class opened a door to a universe I did not know existed.  I also learned how to eliminate, isolate and distill down to the essence.  I began to realize that when I thought I was at the end of a painting, usually I was really just at the beginning."

In a cross current, oceanic tides pull us away from the shore and the places we know and feel safe, but if you are patient you will return and will eventually be brought back to the land from whence you came. Temple was pulled away from his native California all the way to New York and Yale where his early figurative work became increasingly more and more abstract.

Now, in his recent paintings, Temple returns to the figurative female form and describes it with a brilliant color dialogue.  Temple speaks of his painting process in three stages:  The concept is the first and easiest part, like sitting on the beach. The second step is chaotic, confusing and deep trouble, a rip tide. The third step is resolution, a return to the shore where everything comes together.  Basically, it is an editing process that is never predictable, which is what makes it exciting.