Stephen Namara "Insufficiency of Dreams"
September 6 — 29, 2007

Namara has an astonishing control of his medium creating in his compositions a physical presence in which figures seem to move and shift.  He deliberately includes faint traces of alternative poses and gestures allowing the viewer to see where the drawing began and clearly ends.  Initially, Namara uses a model for the contour drawing and then works from memory, even inventing a light source.  Regarding the figure Namara states, “I belong to a generation that was preoccupied with the human figure…using it to ask questions about the modern world and to describe the faces of our time.”

Besides a strong narrative, it is paramount that the drawings remain timeless. In quite a number of Namara's drawings, the heads are covered with cloth wraps, paper bags and sometimes left bare. As it happens, hairstyles reflect the times in which the drawings were made, and by masking the head he evades the time stamp.  Consequently, the drawings are imbued with intense power and rawness.  Therefore, Namara feels that when exhibiting the work framing is not necessary as it constricts and eludes privacy and so the drawings offer insight beyond casual perception.