Recent Paintings by Shelley Hoyt
February 2 — 25, 2006

“I have dreamt about driving in the fog without headlights. I have dreamt that I could see clearly, but was taught not to see.” Shelley Hoyt

Dolby Chadwick Gallery is pleased to announce Shelley Hoyt’s upcoming exhibit of new paintings and drawings. In this series, Hoyt continues her study of the Bay Area landscape. While her previous exhibit focused on sky filled vistas, these recent paintings are portraits of the surrounding air. Central to these works is the exploration of fog and light. In Hoyt’s paintings, the veiled air pulls familiar and natural surroundings into the realm of the transcendental. The fog both obscures the landscape and makes the air more visible. These paintings do not strive to be obtuse or foreboding rather they are Hoyt’s praise of the fog’s simplicity. Masterfully painted, Hoyt’s small canvases are ephemeral, diffused landscapes in which one can smell the air and see with perfect sight.