Rob Douglas "Veils of Repetition"
June 3 — 26, 2004

Veils of Repetition is the recent body of work from Robbie Douglas inspired by rich native 

New Mexico roots and the complex and often chaotic influences of the inner urban atmosphere.

For the second consecutive year, Douglas works for many months in the stillness of the simple desert environment in Sante Fe, New Mexico. It is here that he is reminded constantly of large, vast open spaces and solitude. Rich colors, mostly of umbers and earthtones, reflect the natural landscape. Long hikes and drives in the desert set the mental stage. It is from this stillness that the paintings are born.

Veils of Repetition is a quiet and deep exploration of the self, the complex layers of the inner psyche, the accumulation in the core belief system, and all our perceptions of the world outside. In these works Douglas continues to unshield unconscious markings that occur deep down in the painting. These markings are archetypal and not always explained, yet are significant. It is a shrouding process, likened to white washing. They are cloaked touchstones in the mind. 

Robbie has placed his attention in this recent body of work on the complexity of veils and the apparent accidental way these obscure shapes and forms reflect the rich woven texture of life. They are delicate and quiet yet extremely complex. Douglas reflects on the nature of the mind and how complex perceptions blur vision. He reveals the nature of what influences his mind. What seems obvious is not; what is unburied is accidental and entirely subconscious. In these paintings he seeks the divine.