John DiPaolo

Recent Paintings
February 5 — 28, 2004

It is with faith and confidence that John Di Paolo has built his latest body of monumental paintings.  His paintings are not forwardly cerebral.  The execution of pushing paint on canvas proceeds his conscious contextual ideas. For John, it is never about tracking out a composition.  Things really start to happen when he has the guts to paint out elements that show potential. It is this unknown that keeps him excited. 

Di Paolo continues to create a weightless suspension of massive organic forms; thick surfaces coupled with thin veils of paint. The two approaches combine and offer the viewer an intensified sense of space, light, and movement. Most importantly, these new paintings present originality, an element rarely seen in contemporary abstraction. Those interested in explosive and confident paintings will find themselves intrigued by 

Di Paolo’s energetic and provocative work.