Recent Paintings by Chris Cosnowski
November 3 — 26, 2005

In Chris Cosnowski’s latest body of work, plastic toys continue to make up the bulk of his subject matter. These cast, monochromatic toys relate to the sculptures of classical antiquity.  Like classical sculptures, the toys represent an ideal vision. Specifically, the Fischer-Price Little People with their spherical heads and cylindrical bodies have their own canon of form. Realistic painting technique, symmetry, balance and proportion are all carefully considered. Color is extremely important and has been used for symbolic, emotional or psychological effects. Cosnowski purposefully paints a mundane subject to evoke feelings of nostalgia. These old fashioned and simplistic toys speak towards a longing for simpler times before the onset of technology. Several paintings in this exhibit address the current political climate. As featured on the postcard, “Neoconservatism and Its Enemies” is a response to the conservative’s political domination. As Bush sees himself as a superman rescuing the world, the figurines flanking him symbolize victims of his political agenda. On the left is a figurine of an American Indian representing an imperialistic agenda, on the right is a plastic cupid figure which represents the denial of equal rights for homosexuals.  Cosnowski’s message is presented in a colorful and refined surface couched by a minimalist aesthetic. Content and style build a dialogue of politics, art and idealized nostalgia.