Linda Christensen "She Has the Time"
September 2 — October 2, 2004

Known for her prolific, expressive figurative painting, Linda Christensen imbues her work with a grand sense of freedom and spontaneity. Her fluid brushstrokes dance with a palette of lush, liberating colors bringing the figurative form to life.

Christensen's current exhibition, "She Has the Time", continues to lend itself to abstract figuratism, with the inspiration coming from the female figure. She is studied carefully- the turn of a head or the tilt of a shoulder. Christensen strives to capture that specific moment at which her subject lets her guard down and reveals her private self. She looks for that sacred moment when pretenses are shed and the "non public face" makes an appearance. Grids are present in every painting, such as a ladderback chair or a horizon line. Such structured forms contrast greatly with the curvy, organic forms of her subject, yet they also provide compositional security for the artist, allowing her to explore the vulnerability of the figure. Regardless of the scrutiny, Christensen's figures emerge confident and self-assured even in their most private relaxed moments.