Rick Chapman "Circle"
October 6 — 29, 2005

Striving to root his art in the everyday, Chapman photographs circular objects in mundane locations such as elevators, barnyards, city streets and public parks.  In the photographs, each found circle is presented as the same size. By equalizing the scale, each circle is viewed in context of the other circles rather than in the context of its original surroundings. The circle images become letters of a lost alphabet- together they communicate a language that transcends the individual sphere. Chapman’s bold graphic sensibility is in balance with the careful intimacy he has with his subjects. Each object is carefully documented with its location and date found. At the core of Chapman’s circle dialogue are several large wooden totem made of found wood, inlayed with a series of photographs. Chapman uses the iconic presentation of the totem to elevate the mundane,  hoping to remind his audience of the natural source of all objects.