Jeffrey Beauchamp "How About Sub-Pastoral Expressionism"
March 4 — 27, 2004

As an artist, Jeffrey attempts to postpone certain aspects of growing up in the name of staying creative: while painting, for instance, a disciplined daydreaming, takes the form of squinting into the painted distance, "magic eye" style, and exploring the possibilities of depth and visual adventure inside.  Although painting epic skyscapes and terrain, Beauchamp attempts to re-cultivate his child-like spirit, and in doing so, he leaves the traditional landscape behind. Layers of suggestive brush and knife work emerge slowly from the stormy surfaces.  It is this balance between the paint itself and deep illusionary space that is precarious in these paintings and make for a provocative and exciting exhibit.  Beauchamp avoids any over-resolving and easily digested landscape cliches.  The resulting paintings have a new vigor and charm that hold up under long scrutiny.