Matt Gonzalez | Enshrined blue-aboard, 2021 | Found paper collage | 16 x 12 inches

Juxtapoz | Preview: Matt Gonzalez’s Magic-Circumstantial Collages

June 2021

Not to be missed is Beauty Will Be Convulsive, new works by Matt Gonzalez, which runs concurrently with the Terry Powers show at Dolby Chadwick Gallery. The exhibit includes 20 monochromatic found paper collages that Gonzalez painstakingly assembles. Each collage can be seen as an epic journey.… read more

Nob Hill Gazette | Matt Gonzalez: A Man of Piece(s)

September 2020

A public defender by day, Matt Gonzalez moonlights as a collage artist whose work has been snapped up by SFMOMA and savvy collectors.… read more

Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts SF Acquires Matt Gonzalez's Work for Permanent Collection

January 2019

The Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts (AFGA) is the department responsible for the Fine Arts Museums’ collection of works of art on paper: prints, drawings, and artists’ books.… read more

Matt Gonzalez acquired at Crocker Art Museum

December 2018

Arte Extraordinario showcases work by a diverse group of artists, all of whom share a heritage associated with Spanish-speaking cultures in the Americas. Some of these artists may identify as Latinx, an alternative gender-neutral term for Latina or Latino that is quickly becoming more popular, especially among a younger demographic. The exhibition covers a range of genres from figuration to landscape to abstraction, as well as a variety of themes including politics, activism, humor, family, and religion. Many of the featured artists have roots in California and several are nationally or internationally recognized for works that challenge, critique, innovate, or inspire. Thanks to the generosity of multiple donors, all of the artworks are recent acquisitions or promised gifts that will remain part of the Crocker’s permanent collection.… read more

Matt Gonzalez reviewed by Mark Van Proyen for Squarecylinder

Matt Gonzalez @ Dolby Chadwick

October 2018

During the past 13 years, Matt Gonzalez has been making and exhibiting collage works, all more or less abstract, and almost all executed at an intimate scale. In classic Kurt Schwitters Merz Picture fashion, Gonzalez recovers and repurposes street detritus as the raw material for two-dimensional organization. But the works that emerge from his process are very different from those that Schwitters produced almost a century ago. They are also very different from the surrealist-inspired works of the Beatnik artists who were so influential in the history of Northern California art. If anything, the more purposeful formalism of Gonzalez’s work bespeaks a closer alignment with the cubist and futurist collage practices that reach back more than a century. But all of these comparisons fade when we consider the fact that Gonzalez is using very different kinds of printed paper than what was available at any of those earlier historical junctures. His palette is formed by the bright and reflective colors made possible by digital offset printing, a fact that points to a different kind of archeological recovery.… read more

Juxtapoz features Matt Gonzalez

An Interview with the Artist and Activist Matt Gonzalez

October 2018

As a public defender, Matt Gonzalez does just that, using legal expertise to represent those in the city and county who are without resources. Behind plea bargains and the filing of papers are families, neighbors, and strangers who sometimes arrive at fateful intersections, both literal and physical, in the streets of San Francisco. The same streets where Gonzalez mines the material for his art. Walking into a gallery of his collage work is like entering a room full of reflecting stained glass. Each piece stands on its own, though collectively, the effect is a stunning homage to color and light, texture and association. The artist and lawyer is one, seeking stories, making connections and, if you will, framing the evidence. We asked him a few questions about his newest work, Derivations in Color at the Dolby Chadwick Gallery which shows October 4 through 27, 2018.… read more

Terry St. John & Matt Gonzalez: In Conversation

June 2017

Video of Terry St. John & Matt Gonzalez: In Conversation, from the opening reception of Terry St. John's "Figures, Landscapes & Still Lifes: Six Decades of Painting," June 3, 2017.… read more

Dolby Chadwick artists in Clinton interview

October 2016

Works by Matt Gonzalez and other Dolby Chadwick artists appear on the set of Mary J. Blige's 'The 411' interview with Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.… read more

Came the abruptness of fiery dawn, 2014

Matt Gonzalez exhibition featured in Juxtapoz


March 2015

Matt Gonzalez’s work is collage-based, utilizing bits of discarded paper products—from advertisements to cardboard containers—that he finds while walking around the city. Most of his compositions feature a highly layered, rectilinear aesthetic that recalls the gridded city streets he traverses and architectural matrixes he passes through. Recent works tend to focus on a single hue, such as red or blue, allowing Gonzalez to explore the nuances of a given color’s range—which is amplified when a work draws on an extensive array of sources—and attend more closely to a work’s sculptural and formal elements.… read more

Matt Gonzalez’s “Came the Abruptness of Fiery Dawn” is a found paper collage.

SF Chronicle previews Matt Gonzalez's exhibition at Dolby Chadwick Gallery

Matt Gonzalez’s 'Derivé: Situationist Encounter in San Francisco’

March 2015

The collage-based work of Matt Gonzalez includes discarded paper products, ads, distressed packaging and other sources of inspiration that he finds floating about as he walks around San Francisco. These works are at the heart of a new exhibition of pieces at the Dolby Chadwick Gallery, titled “Derivé: Situationist Encounter in San Francisco.”… read more