John DiPaolo

John DiPaolo: A Forty-Year Retrospective

The San Francisco based artist John DiPaolo (b. 1946) is one of the U.S.'s leading, contemporary abstract artists. Over the last forty years, he has pushed the limits of abstract painting that move and engage viewers rather than cater to the style's most common presuppositions. In doing so, he has imbued a storied, mid-20th century artistic movement with new energy and life, rendering it relevant and fresh in the immediate moment.… read more

John DiPaolo

John DiPaolo: Paintings 2002-2006

"DiPaolo has created a body of work drawn from his inner resource. Dipping beneath surface appearances, he taps into a creative force strong enough to compel him to return to his studio day after day, filled with anticipate for the aesthetic aventures that lie ahead."—JoAnne Northrup… read more

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