Gonzalo Fuenmayor. “Carmen Fuenmayor” (2017). Charcoal on paper. 48” x 45”.

Flaunt | Gonzalo Fuenmayor: If The Tucan-nesting Hat Fits, Wear It

April 2021

It’s almost a requisite—exotic birds very commonly accessorize colonialist art. And it’s troublesome; not only does their domesticity in popular works suggest clipped wings and containment, but the birds are made to preside over situations of exploitation and racism—as simple, helpless, pretty things. Gonzalo Fuenmayor, a Colombian artist based in Miami, embraced and appropriated these fetishistic tendencies as he began to take shape as a fine artist.… read more

Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) acquires “Tropicalypse” by Gonzalo Fuenmayor

June 2020

Dolby Chadwick Gallery is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Gonzalo Fuenmayor’s “Tropicalypse” by the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) for their permanent collection.… read more

Squarecylinder Reviews Gonzalo Fuenmayor's EMPIRE

May 2019

A crepuscular gloom invests Gonzalo Fuenmayor’s charcoal drawings with a mood that is at once defiant and elegiac. His images, realized on an increasingly ambitious scale, offer viewers surreal and often disquieting visions, suggesting the ways in which stubborn residues of colonialism remain long after its demise.… read more

Gonzalo Fuenmayor Receives Ellies Grant

May 2019

It's only been a year since Oolite Arts launched the Ellies, a grant program that funds work by local artists, but already the results are impressive.… read more

Gonzalo Fuenmayor receives the Florida Prize

Orlando Museum of Art Florida Prize in Contemporary Art 2018

April 2018

The Orlando Museum of Art presents the fifth annual Orlando Museum of Art Florida Prize in Contemporary Art. This exhibition features 10 of the most progressive and exciting artists working in the State today. Additionally, one of these outstanding artists is selected to receive a significant monetary award.… read more

"Artist As Subject" preview from Blouin ArtInfo

'Artist as Subject' at Dolby Chadwick Gallery, San Francisco

July 2017

Dolby Chadwick Gallery, San Francisco, is presenting ‘Artist as Subject’, a special group exhibition to mark the gallery’s 20th anniversary.… read more

The Surface of a Song, 2015, charcoal on paper, 52 x 86"

Squarecylinder reviews Gonzalo Fuenmayor's 'Picturesque'

Gonzalo Fuenmayor @ Dolby Chadwick

September 2016

There is something defiant — or, at the very least, ironic — about Picturesque, the title of Colombian expatriate Gonzalo Fuenmayor’s show of ten recent charcoal drawings. Scenery described as picturesque is pretty or quaint: the kind of place one visits (or exploits) but rarely lives. Fuenmayor, now settled in Miami for some years, has investigated themes of colonialization and exoticism in his work since his student days in New York in the late ‘90s, exploring such subjects as bananas (Colombia’s third largest legal agricultural export) and the baroque, fruit-laden headgear worn by Latin American actress and singer Carmen Miranda.… read more

The Fog of Forgotten Hours, 2016

Widewalls previews Gonzalo Fuenmayor's upcoming exhibition

Surreal pencil drawing by Gonzalo Fuenmayor are beyond picturesque

June 2016

Gonzalo Fuenmayor is a Colombian-born and Miami-based artist who creates stunning, surreal drawings exploring the ethnic pride with the culturally and politically critical approach. Throughout his practice, the artist explores his position as an outsider in the United States and his cultural heritage within the context of his new home. As the art critic DeWitt Cheng wrote, the artist ironically juxtaposes ‘clichéd aspects of [indigenous] tropical culture… with [forcibly imposed European] Rococo and Victorian style elements’. The art critic Alison McCarthy described his work as ‘eye candy with serious heft’. Dolby Chadwick Gallery will present a solo exhibition of Gonzalo Fuenmayor’s new works entitled Picturesque. This new body of work continues to explore the complicated warp of nature and culture between the colonial Europe and the colonized Third World.… read more

Gonzalo Fuenmayor, courtesy Museum of Fine Arts (above)

The Boston Globe on Gonzalo Fuenmayor's exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston

June 2015

Bananas are a central motif in “Gonzalo Fuenmayor: Tropical Mythologies,” a small, provocative show of drawings, photography, and video at the Museum of Fine Arts. They’re not as sweet and innocent as you might believe. For Fuenmayor, who grew up in Colombia, they’re freighted with a violent history and the collision of tropical cultures with invasive, entitled Western ones.… read more

Traveling Fellow Gonzalo Fuenmayor (MFA '04) at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

February 2014

SMFA‘s Traveling Fellowship program was created shortly after the School’s founding in 1876 to encourage post-graduate travel and independent work for select SMFA artists. Ten artists were awarded Traveling Fellowships in 2013. In October, Gonzalo Fuenmayor (Master of Fine Arts, 2004) was selected from this group by the Fellowship review committee for a solo presentation at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA) in the spring of 2015. We caught up with the Miami-based artist to ask a few questions.… read School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Boston article

Apocalypse VIII, 2012

art ltd.'s Dewitt Cheng reviews Gonzalo Fuenmayor's recent exhibition

Gonzalo Fuenmayor: “They Say I Came Back Americanized” at Dolby Chadwick Gallery

September 2013

Casual viewers, perusing Gonzalo Fuenmayor’s charcoal drawings of precariously top-heavy hairdos in the style of the 1940s camp diva, Carmen Miranda, will admire their exquisite draftsmanship and cheerful Pop humor. What’s kitschier than headscarf-mounted towers of bananas, flamingos, toucans, orchids, palm trees and mirrored disco balls? There is a serious side to the fun, however. The Brazilian Bombshell, assailed at home for her exploitation of the “Latina bimbo” stereotype in Hollywood, defended herself in the song Disseram que Voltei Americanizada (They Say I Came Back Americanized); likewise, this Colombian artist, educated in the United States, embeds covert criticisms of imperialism in this show, which borrows Miranda’s title.… read more

Gonzalo Fuenmayor is interviewed about cultural hybridity and his artistic process

Gonzalo Fuenmayor, urban and tropical fusion

August 2013

Gonzalo Fuenmayor, born in Barranquilla, Columbia in 1977 is an artist currently living in Miami, Florida. As a Latin American who earlier moved to New York to study art, he started to absorb a different kind of culture. In this way, he merges the urban with the tropical like a personal sense of displacement. Clear forms of bananas turned into human heads, palm trees with mirror balls or exotic animals mixed with XVIII century rocaille sculptures, are some of the visual shapes we can observe in Gonzalo's works… read more

Apocalypse II, 2009

Gonzalo Fuenmayor's "Charcoal Fantasies" at Dolby Chadwick Gallery

7x7.com reviews Fuenmayor's current exhibition at Dolby Chadwick Gallery

August 2013

Separating himself from the drugs and violence so often associated with his country, Colombian artist Gonzalo Fuenmayor took on a subject that reflected a different cultural identity. That subject was bananas. And while Fuenmayor's aim was to position himself as Colombian in a lighthearted way, the controversies surrounding the Chiquita brand's international scandals (remember when the banana giant paid millions to Colombia's paramilitary groups in 2007, just six years after the US placed the groups on its list of foreign terrorist organizations?) added another layer of complexity to his work.… read more

Gonzalo Fuenmayor

7x7 SF lists Gonzalo Fuenmayor as a Don't-Miss Event

Don't-Miss Design and Arts Events in the Bay Area

July 2013

San Francisco’s Dolby Chadwick Gallery is hosting a new solo exhibition by artist Gonzalo Fuenmayor. They Say I Came Back Americanized features an array of stunning charcoal drawings by the Colombian-born artist.… read more