Alex Kanevsky

Fin de Siècle
October 30 — December 1, 2018

Dolby Chadwick Gallery is pleased to announce Alex Kanevsky’s new show Fin de Siécle. Kanevsky is adamant that paintings can never be described by words because their language is fundamentally visual and not verbal. To him, paintings are not expressions of pre-conceived notions, ideas, or even thought processes; in fact, he believes that they resist any conceptualization—but what then is Kanevsky’s work about? If it is neither representational nor narrative nor symbolic, what is it that drives his vision?… read more

J.W.I. Twice, 2014

Alex Kanevsky

Unstable Equilibrium
October 1 — 31, 2015

All of Kanevsky’s paintings—even those that depict interior scenes—appear to have been painted en plein air. Regardless of setting, an intoxicating roar of air rips through each work. Here, heady gusts loosen the brushwork and move the forms around, opening them up and allowing gestures, colors, and shapes to pass through newly awakened fissures. As a result, these super-saturated compositions practically pulsate.… read more

Four Doors, 2012

Alex Kanevsky

The Fox and the Hedgehog
February 7 — March 2, 2013

“The Fox and the Hedgehog,” is an allusion to the aphorism “the fox knows many little things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing,” commonly attributed to the Greek poet Archilochus. Though its precise meaning is largely disputed, this cryptic line gains traction in the context of Kanevsky’s art, which allows the viewer to see the world through the eyes of both the fox and the hedgehog.… read more

Polish Rider, 2010

Alex Kanevsky

Heroes and Animals
October 7 — 30, 2010

To look at a painting by Kanevsky is to look at it for the first time, even if one has visited the piece before. By condensing the structure, content and assorted ephemera of a given scene into a single, saturated moment, refigured forms and gestures are continually impelled to the painting’s surface only to recede in accommodation of future findings. Such honesty and freshness is rooted in Kanevsky’s fidelity to a naïve gaze, an exercise in which the faculties of knowledge are constantly reset so as to stave off tidy assumptions about how things work or what they mean.… read more

J.F.H. with her Portrait, 2007-8

Alex Kanevsky

April 3 — May 24, 2008

April 3 - May 24, 2008… read more

Apartment, 2005

Alex Kanevsky

Instances of Stillness
December 1, 2005 — January 28, 2006

December 1, 2005 - January 28, 2006… read more

K. B. with Kimono, 2003

Alex Kanevsky

Short Focus
October 2 — November 1, 2003

October 2 - November 1, 2003… read more